The Short Stories
Lord of the Fries The Book of Changes Some of the Kinder Planets

Groundwood Books, Toronto
Dk Ink, New York, a Melanie Kroupa book

Also called: Il Re delle Patate Fritte Mondadori, Milano

Includes: Lord of the Fries, Ick, The Bermuda Triangle, The Anne Rehearsals, The Fallen Angel, The Pinhole Camera, and The Chinese Babies

Groundwood Books, Toronto
Orchard Books, New York,
Puffin Books (paperback)

Includes: The Clark Beans Man, Mad House, The Book of Changes, Hard Sell, The Ghost of Eddy Longo, Dawn, and Gloria

Groundwood Books, Toronto
Orchard Books, New York
Puffin Books (paperback)

Includes: The Night of the Pomegranate, Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus, The Hope Bakery, Tashkent, Strangers on the Shore, Tweedledum and Tweedledead, The Clearing, Some of the Kinder Planets, and Star Taker.

And more Short Stories…
The titles in bold were written especially for the anthology in which they appear.

Christmas With Auntie Annie Ping Pong, All in the Family: Stories That Hit
Ed. Tony Bradman, A & C Black, 2008
Min, Click: One Novel, Ten Authors, Ed. Arthur A. Levine, Scholastic, New York,
Bella in Five Acts, Such a Pretty Face: Short Stories About Beauty, Selected by
         Ann Angel, Amulet Books, New York, 2007
The Crow in the Classroom, First Times, Selected by Marthe Jocelyn, Tundra
         Books, 2007
The Journey to Ompah, Like Father Like Son, (Also titled: My Dad’s a Punk):12         Stories About Boys and Their Fathers, Ed. Tony Bradman, Kingfisher, 2006
The Mystery of the Cuddly Wuddly Bunny, When I Went to the Library:         Writers Celebrate Books and Reading, Ed. Debora Pearson, Groundwood Books, 2001
The iBook, Be Afraid! Tales of Horror, selected by Edo van Belkom, Tundra, 2000
In a House Built Out of Dragonfly Wings, Beyond the Rainbow Warrior: A          Collection of Stories to Celebrate 25 Years of Greenpeace, Selected by
         Michael Morpurgo, Pavilion, London, 1996
The Goose Girl, Black Thorn, White Rose: A Modern Book of Adult Fairy-Tales,
Ed. Datlow and Windling, Signet, New York, 1994
Time-Shrink, Tesseracts 4, Selected by Toolis and Skeets, Beach Holme,
         Victoria, 1992
What Happened to Baby Roo, Criminal Shorts: Mysteries by Canadian Crime
Eric Wright and Howard Engel, Macmillan, Toronto, 1992
The Imposture, Canadian Mystery Stories, Ed. Alberto Manguel, Oxford, 1991
The Woman With the Lounge-Act Hair, the Oxford Book of Canadian Ghost
Ed. Alberto Manguel, Oxford, 1990

The Hope Bakery, Mystery: What the Answer Is, Troll Target Series, 1998
The Clearing, Dread and Delight: A Century of Children’s Ghost Stories, Ed. Philippa          Pearce, Oxford, Oxford, 1995
Hard Sell, Help Wanted: Short Stories About Young People Working, Selected by          Anita Silvey, Little Brown, Boston, 1997

The story “Dawn” has been reprinted in the following three anthologies:

Coming of Age, Vol 1, Ed. Emra, National Textbook, Lincolnwood, Illinois, 1999
All Sleek and Skimming, Ed. by Lisa Heggum, Orca, 2006
Leaving Home, Selected by Rochman and Campbell, HarperCollins, 1997

The Sinbad Carpet Cleaner: a radio play, After the Eclipse, Ed. Vine, Foord,          Goddard, Oxford, Toronto, 1990

Short Story Editor
Viking Penguin gave me the opportunity of putting together an anthology. It was great to read so many wonderful stories, and really difficult to get it down to just 20 entries.

Boys’ Own: An Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers,
        Ed. Tim Wynne-Jones, Viking Penguin, Toronto, 2001


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